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Meet The Founder

Founded in Atlanta, GA and created by female founder, Yasmeen Simone—Natural Contours Wellness & Aesthetics is a game changer in the body contouring industry. With a passion for wellness, she is a true lover of all things natural. Her affinity for an organic lifestyle has powered her desire to create a niche line of products. Yasmeen’s mission is to build a company that empowers women to love their bodies and develop their inner vitality. An empowered and confident woman is a beautiful masterpiece. 

Natural contours caters to the woman who wants to be in tune and in love with her body. As women we spend a lot of time desiring to achieve or maintain appearance. We deal with a series of emotions as our feminine body goes through different altering stages like weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, surgery, and stress all of these hormonal things leaves us dealing with imbalances that make it hard to achieve physical results. But what if we began to desire the need for balance more than the desire to achieve a certain physical appearance only, and instead begin to take the steps towards wholeness. Can you imagine what that would look and feel like for you? I can... it feels sexy, beautiful, healthy, loved, free, aligned, empowered and definitely SNATCHED.

It’s not about being perfect but, about being well- balanced. Are you ready to #getcontoured?