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Detoxifying Contour Session

Our body stores toxins masked within our body fat inhibiting weight loss and resulting in stubborn fat, visible cellulite, and extreme fatigue. 

Whether you are in need of skin tightening, reducing cellulite, or targeting stubborn fat, this holistic technique can help you redefine your body to achieve a body that models ideal health, confidence, and radiates your natural beauty.  

What should you expect?

In a 1.5 hr session you will excrete excess water and toxins from your body, shrink stubborn fat, tighten loose flabby skin, diminish cellulite, and burn 1400-2000 calories.

Our detoxification specialist will target problem areas using a natural handcrafted formula specific to each client and compression bandages. Once applied and compressed, you will then be placed in a infrared sauna blanket. Once the heat begins to activate the mud, it then begins to metabolize through the skin to burn and break down stubborn fat deposits while simultaneously drawing out toxins. The most noticeable effect of your detoxifying contour session will be INCHES LOST in your targeted areas, skin tightening and visible definition. 

Optimal results from your detoxification require a well balanced lifestyle. YOU are ultimately responsible for maintaining the body of your dreams.         

  Results after 1 session

  Results after 3 sessions


Body Love: 30 Day Transformation Program 

A 30 day plan to take your transformation to the next level.


• Tailored 30 day wellness plan
• 8 detoxifying contour sessions (2 weekly)